Friday, July 31

False Labor or Preterm Labor?

All I can say is there is nothing like a sleep-awakening 5 a.m. contraction to motivate you to get your hospital bag packed.

Yep. That happened this morning.

I suffered for a good 10 minutes (2 contractions) before Charm City Daddy woke up, turned on the light and told me to "just breathe through it babe." Prolific. Yeah--he lasted about 45 more seconds before he was sleeping--actually SNORING- again. lol.

I laid there trying to change positions to get more comfortable during random contractions for another hour before I finally got back to to sleep for a little while--only to wake up to another big one at 7:30 a.m.

I debated staying home today--but decided that getting up and moving around and getting additional work done would be a better way to pass the time. So far, I'm glad that's what I decided. Zero appetite for breakfast though when your tummy is all knotted up.

I have actually continued to have contractions, off and on---but no more crampy, waves of pain--just the Braxton tightness.

I guess it would be kind of nice to have the baby this weekend. Plus tomorrow is my older brother's birthday! The only problem is my mom is out-of-town visiting the relatives in North Carolina and would be so upset if she couldn't be here.

I'm sure I'm getting ahead of myself. I bet in a week or two (I'm optimistic) when I REALLY go into labor, I'll look back at this post and think--I thought THAT was labor? HA!

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