Monday, August 3

Bags Packed...and Packed Again.

While I wait for this baby to arrive, I've been doing all sorts of little things like:

  • loading up my iPod with Rockabye lullabies (we LOVE these)

  • loading up my iPod with music I may (or may not) want to hear before, during, after delivery.

  • putting together an arrival gift for the au pair

  • reading Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp

  • reading up on breastfeeding

  • doing laundry over and over again (super paranoid about it backing up like never before)

  • and finally...packing and repacking my hospital bag

After consultation with other mommy friends, family, doula/nurse instructors from our childbirth and breastfeeding classes here's what I'm bringing...

For the labor/delivery bag (a small backpack):

  • babybook

  • a magazine for me

  • iPod

  • breathmints/candy

  • cozy socks

  • nursing cream

  • massage aids

  • toothbrush

  • a touch of makeup

For the recovery room:

  • my HPmini netbook (yes! I just may blog from the hospital bed-lol)

  • toiletries

  • nursing gown

  • nursing bra/pads

  • thank you notes

  • my going home outfit

  • baby's going home outfit/optional hospital pic outfit

  • postpartum support girdle

Some other things:

  • I decided against bringing my boppy to the hospital after our breastfeeding nurse advised against it.

  • I am also bringing my DSLR

  • Charm City Daddy is bringing his Flip Mino camcorder in his bag. Yes, he has a bag too, and in it he has been advised to bring Champagne! :)

What did I forget? What else would you suggest? I am really trying to bring as little as possible. If it doesn't fit in these two bags, I don't want it.

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