Monday, August 10

Appointment Update: 38 weeks

Good. Gracious. It's hot.

It topped out at a very humid 95 degrees with a heat index over 100 today. Yow-zah!

I broke into a sweat a good 5-6 times today-- in the middle of meetings, getting in and out of my car, sitting at a suprise "cake break" thrown by my office colleagues for me (btw they gave me a this beautiful charm bracelet --how sweet!).

But anyway..onto the appointment update!

Today I was extremely interested in the doctor's "best guess" of whether or not I will make it through the week and particularly this weekend since Charm City Daddy has a business meeting in Boston for three long days at the end of the week! Ahhh!

According to the doc, I am 50% effaced and ZERO centimeters dialated and will probably sail through the week and weekend, if I manage to keep cool and kick up my feet.

Sounds simple, eh? Well its very hard for me to do. Relax? Where? Not at home! I do laundry every 5 seconds b/c I get paranoid that the laundry will get backed up and I will go into labor.

And me not go to work? I love my job. Plus today, we hosted one of those exciting, Senator-sponsored, health care town hall meetings and being a media spokesperson--well, its kind of hard to stay away.

So--barring there are no more media events--I am still contemplating perhaps taking half-days or just working from home for the remaining days of the pregnancy. We'll see.

Besides, I'm relaxed enough. Charm City Daddy just treated us to one last babymoon--a lovely spa weekend at the Georgetown Ritz Carlton in DC. And for the second time in a row--they upgraded us to the presidential suite! It's only a 45 minute door-to-door drive for us, but it really feels like a destination when we go to Georgetown.

While in Georgetown we had an incredible northern Italian dinner at Cafe Milano with a couple (also 6 months pregnant) who live in the DC area. We also had brunch at Peacock Cafe which is basically next door to Cafe Milano. I recommend both places.

So, we've done it all and I'm ready to have the baby---just as soon as the Au Pair arrives this Friday--oh and Charm City Daddy gets home from his work trip. Sigh.

Guess I will have to be a little more patient.


  1. I'm dying to know...any loud, rowdy protesters at the event?? And if you're doing laundry...look out...that's all I'm saying!!!

  2. Heck yeah! Since the venue only held 500, the streets were lined with HUNDREDS of folks (on both sides of the healthcare issue) with signs, but there were actually smiling. Inside was a different story. And laundry induces labor?!? Well, it will have to wait a few days then.