Friday, August 7

Disposable or Cloth Diapers? Part 2

Remember my panic about choosing a cloth diapering system?

Well, after much research and lots of advice (and gifts) from many good friends and family members, I think Charm City Daddy and I have finally come to a decision.

Here's the plan...

For the first 4-6 weeks, we are going disposable. And we are going with these...

Then, hopefully Charm City Baby will have some size to her so we can dive right into these adjustable "one sizers"...

And occasionally diving into these when traveling (because they take up less space)

And when we need back-ups...we are also prepared with these, which go over the traditional pre-folds with snappis. Cute isn't it?

and of course...we'll go back to disposables when all else fails, is dirty, or we're frustrated. I have a good amount of all of these diapers neatly arranged in the changing dresser (and closet)--it looks a little schizophrenic.
So! Are you laughing at me yet? I know my mom is . Hi mom. I'm laughing with you.
Basically, I have not ruled anything out and didn't make a decision at all. I am willing to try anything and everything once. Ha!
Charm City Daddy and I have practiced on our little 'Cat in the Hat' doll and have found the pre-fold to really be our favorite to assemble on baby. We'll have to see what happens when we have a live, squirming person with varying degrees of wetness that need to be addressed.
I have also researched a diaper service based out of the DC Metro area which actually makes only one stop in Baltimore a week, on Fridays. They of course deliver you pre-folds only, give you a pail, and a few covers, but you have to hold on to the dirty diapers for a week! I don't know about that. But again--I haven't ruled them out because Baltimore City recently went to one-day a week trash pick-up. Gross. If these pocket diapers turn out to be too much to assemble after laundry and take apart after use--I can easily see us going to pre-folds with doublers when needed.
And to au pair has no idea what she is in for (unless she is reading this from Columbia--hola)! Hey! She'll be here a week from today!

As always...I'll let you know how this "plan" (and all of its parts) goes.

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  1. You're to funny! Good choices though. Baby Dinah used the swaddlers and then graduated to one size Bum Genius which I love! We still sleep and travel in Nature Baby biodegradable disposables. Charm City Baby is in good hands :-)