Tuesday, August 4

A Woman's Crown and Glory...

(taken with my blackberry)

With all of the granddaughters in our family so far (pictured above with Charm City Daddy)--you'd think we have this hair thing down. But they all have different textures of hair and require different treatments.

Before I even knew Charm City Baby even had hair (yay!) I've been obsessing about how I am going to keep her hair done. This from a person who has done an interview about her various hairstyles in nationally televised pageants. Yes, I've been repeatedly teased--even at the office.

I think it's also partly a "black mama" thing. I know Olivia's hair is going to be kinky b/c she is, after all, my child.

I've practiced on my patient little neice--whose hair I predict may be closest to Olivia's texture. Bless her heart. My sister has trained her to get accustomed to the hours it takes to get your hair done as a black woman. What can I say? Part of it is because of our hair, part of it is because of the general social scene of the salon experience. It's expected.

In fact, my neice now goes to her own beauty shop (for kiddies of course) for her own 3-hour appointments and she's not even 3 years old yet! She comes back with some of the neatest creations in braids too.

So, I've started to look at products to help me with my quest for perfect baby locks (age appropriate of course).

This company's product seems like it works WITH not against the natural tendencies of baby hair. I like that.

Then there's also this one...

I don't know anyone that uses these products--but I am curious to hear what works for other moms there.

What baby hair care products have you heard about? What works for you?

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