Tuesday, August 4

Appointment Update: Full Term 37 weeks

After all of the excitement of last week, there is absolutely nothing to report on the labor progress this week. Baa!

Here's the rundown: My blood pressure is normal. I gained 1 pound since last week. Baby is strong, in position, and sitting pretty for another week or so.

Charm City Daddy and I did, however, attend a 2 1/2 hour Breastfeeding Class lastnight. At first he resisted and worried he'd be the only guy--but he wasn't. ALL of the other dads were there and part of the course was catered to daddy participation in breastfeeding.

Specifically Dad's were instructed on how to:

  • wake the baby with skin-to-skin contact for feedings (yes, daddies go bare chested too! lol)
  • burp the baby in 3 different positions (all the guys had little baby dolls).
  • help mom get baby in the proper latch position.
  • encourage mom during feeding.
  • finger feed the baby (with syringe) if supplementing becomes necessary.

It was very informative and allowed me to ask more questions about the type of pump I am considering purchasing or renting--although I'm no closer to a decision. Our pediatrician recommends that I use the hospital pump in the first few weeks to a month because of its industrial strength and value. My hospital uses the commercial-hospital grade of the AMEDA pump.

They apparently work faster than the Medela pumps and more suction adjustment range. The hospital doesn't discriminate though--they also sell Medela pumps in their little mommy boutique, too. Have you seen the new freestyle? It looks really fancy--aka pricey.

I've held out on purchasing the pump until now b/c my pediatrician told me that if the baby was born premature, most insurance companies would cover the cost of a breast pump. Now that I am officially full term--I think I've missed that opportunity. Shucks.

I guess it's time to suck it up. Ooh. Bad joke.

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