Saturday, August 15

Help is Here!

Yesterday, after months of applications, interviews, emails, and skype sessions---our au pair arrived!

You can tell how hot it was by my greasy shine

You can also see that little Olivia has NOT arrived yet! Since we have no baby--YET--- we spent the afternoon shopping and had a nice dinner while Charm City Daddy was out of town. I couldn't convince her to do a mani/pedi with me (imagine that!).

She is great by the way. She brought Columbian children's sing-a-long DVD's and CD's as well as bilingual flash cards for Olivia. I can't wait to sing along myself!

So, Charm City Daddy has returned home from his trip. The au pair is here. I am ready to get this show on the road! You hear that Charm City Baby? Let's DO this.


  1. She looks nice..a little like a thinner version of me :) hahaha! :) so you'll be in good hands!

  2. AWWWW, how sweet! I think it is AWESOME that she will be bilingual by pre-school! Come on baby Olivia, we are waiting PATIENTLY!!

    Sherri :)