Tuesday, July 28

Appointment Update: 36 weeks

Awww... there she is! All 6lbs and 5 ounces!

Today's appointment was very exciting and informative. Not only did we get to see Charm City Baby in action, we also learned:

1. she looks exactly like her daddy (see 4-D image above).

2. her exact orientation: head down with butt and back on my right side and legs curled up around my ribs with feet on my left side.

3. she has hair! The sonographer showed us a nice little fuzzy ring around her head.

4. she is head down and right at the bottom of my cervix (not effaced btw). But this explains my extreme discomfort mentioned in the previous post.

5. because of her low placement, my water will probably break on its own (according to my doctor). Dramatic!

6. she will be born between 7.5 to 8 pounds by the doctor's best guess.

7. she will defintely make her entrance BEFORE her Aug. 24th due date--possibly 10 days prior!!!!

Oh. My. Goodness.

Needless to say, everything I have not completed has been racing through my mind. I still need to:

1. Pack my hospital bag.
2. Prepare a welcome basket for the au pair (also scheduled to arrive August 14!).
3. Make room for bottles and feeding stuff in a kitchen cabinet.
4. Get my Cord Blood Registry kit!! (yikes!)
5. Take a breastfeeding class (scheduled for Monday-August 3)
6. Complete about a million projects (okay just three) at work so I can relax while on maternity leave.

I know I am forgetting something...Ahhhhh!

Help me. What am I forgetting?

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