Monday, July 6

The Giggle Recap

Since I mentioned that I was making a trip to Giggle, it's only fair to report back the results.

First of all, traffic was S-T-U-P-I-D getting there, but that's to be expected when you travel the Capital Beltway or most places in Montgomery County, Maryland.

As for the was great! The DC metro area store opened June 13th--and had only been open for about 2 weeks at the time of my visit. I mention this because the store wasn't crowded at all. There was only maybe 2 or 3 other folks shopping while we were there and plenty of personal help and personal shopping to go around.

Charm City Grandma (Mom is always a trooper! I love that about her) and I set out at 10:30 a.m. to get there by 11:15 a.m. ish to shop and then enjoy a nice lunch in Chevy Chase aka the "DC metro area."

Within seconds we spotted the bassinet. Yes! I picked out the stone, off-white color bedding to coordinate with our master bedroom or living room-we'll see where it eventually lands.

It's surprisingly lightweight, by the way.

We also picked up the stroller. I went with a gender-neutral orange and love it! And it got the highest level of approval from Charm City Daddy..."Phat!"

Here it is with the bassinet seat...

If they had yellow I would have done that as well--but I can always pick up the yellow fleece liner set in the winter and change it up--which is the beauty of buying this particular model. Oh and it fits our infant car seat as well.

My associate, Jackie, was fantastic breaking out a sweat to run back and forth to the stock room to check on items for me. They also assembled the stroller while we took a lunch break. Then they showed me how to use it and carted my purchases to my car (in the shopping center garage) and loaded it up! Mom and I didn't lift a finger.

I was really pleased with Giggle and highly recommend it--even if you can only experience it online. I called them once and even the phone associates were nice and helpful.

You don't often get that level of service at most places around here including Babies R Us or Baby Depot. In fact, when we went to get the crib mattress (among other things) weeks ago, a sales guy ran us down and begged my mom and I not to take the shopping cart into the parking lot. So I had to leave mom and cart curbside, bring the car around, only to have the guy watch us (me, the prego, and Charm City Grandma) try to get this crib mattress in the car and offer no help. Boo!

So--if this post ain't a free Giggle endorsement, I don't know what is.

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