Monday, June 22

Pre-Baby Life Crisis?

Does a "pre-baby life crisis" exist?

By definition it would be "when a father or mom-to-be realizes that all impractical expenditures that don't involve baby or family in some way will soon cease to exist (or be few and far between) and rush to live out or purchase certain desired ideas or items."

I, of course, have a very specific curiousity for this condition as I believe Charm City Daddy and I are going through our own "pre-baby crisis."
In fact, the requisite "pre-baby crisis impractical car" arrives this Wednesday...

(a sample pic of a Shelby Cobra)

Yep, no way an infant car seat (or any child car seat) is going in that bad boy.

First it was---"let's travel here, there, everywhere with just a carry-on" and when we're shopping or he's playing poker all night we find ourselves saying "enjoy it now," "do it now," "get it in now!" I think our "condition" has certainly escalated.

I should say that we're not being completely impractical though. We've been looking at this car for over a year...CCD got it at a great price and I'm looking forward to a nice little whirl in it before my due date gets here.

Who knows? Maybe we'll drive it to the hospital. Ha!

Stay was a productive weekend! We got some baby gear assembled--and I dug my way through the shower gifts and found a nursery!

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