Wednesday, June 10

Baby Nightmares

Is it normal to have nightmares about being a bad mom? I had one last night and it has continued to haunt me all day.

Here's the dream...

Charm City Baby was born, healthy, but small (like 5 lbs and only a couple days old) and I was taking her out for trip to D.C. For some dumb reason I only packed one 4 oz bottle and zero diapers to bring along--you see where this is going...

To make matters worse I carried her on the trip in a Vera Bradley tote bag--HUH?! She slept in there and didn't make a peep. At some point I forgot she was in there and looked down and she was half asleep but not making any noise. Suddenly I thought she was starving to death or dehydrated so I gave her the one 4 oz bottle I had. She scarfed it down in 60 seconds flat and I panicked that I didn't have anything else for her. She looked up at me with her wrinkly little, tired face and told me (yes, she spoke) the milk was "nasty" and she preferred another kind. I didn't have anymore! She started to cry but no sound came out--just the face. I then checked her diaper--but she wasn't even wearing one! Ahh! Dream sequence over.

I'm so afraid I'm going not going to get my baby's basic needs met b/c I'm going to forget. I know this is irrational impossible since I will be with her 24/7 for the first months of her life, but what a scary dream!

Is this normal anxiety?

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