Friday, May 29

Appointment Update: 27 weeks

This was a jam-packed appointment. By the end of it I had 3 needle pricks, one in each arm and one in the (ahem)..derriere!

All of the pricking was for the gestational diabetes testing and a rhogam injection. By the way the sweet orange drink that they give you for the gestational diabetes test ain't bad! It reminded me of those cheapo 25 cent "Hug" fruit drinks in those mini jugs from the grocery store that came in red, orange, green and grape. CCD says he grew up calling them "quarter water." Remember these?

ahh delicious and served up cold!

A WARNING TO THOSE WHO NEED THE RHOGAM SHOT: The injection stings and burns going in. When the nurse told me I had to take it in "arse." I laughed at her.."really?!" But after feeling the sting--I appreciated the posterior location. :)

Through all of the tests and back and forth from lab to Dr.'s office I came home with like 10 ultrasound pics of Olivia. Here are my favorites...

I love foot pics! Long feet w/ long toes like mommy...

We got the foot pic b/c we were looking for her girly parts and she promptly clammed up like a lady. Kicked the camera's clear shot!

And she had half of her face buried in the placenta but you can see her right side...

...her nose is just like Charm City Daddy's nose!

Ain't she cute!


  1. She's too cute! I'm glad to hear the GD test isn't so bad, I'm dreading it! Glad the appointment went well :-)

  2. Cute! Can't wait to see pics of CCB when she arrives!