Sunday, May 3

From Bump To Belly...

The last time I posted a belly pic I was 16 weeks. Here's how I looked today at 24 weeks...
Definitely miss my abdominal strength and being able to lay on my tummy on the bed to watch TV.

I had a very productive weekend. The bedroom that will soon belong to the au pair got some new art. A fellow blogger and friend inspired me to clean out my pre-pregnancy clothes, and that of course that led to more shopping.

I found this cute ruffled top and ruffled skirt bottom maternity tankini, and was pleasantly surprised at how flattering it is. Charm City Daddy hasn't seen it yet but has called for "final approval." If it were up to him I'd be swimming in t-shirts and shorts. No thanks. I don't care if I'm a whale I don't want or need anything weighing me down in my only chance to feel weightless in water.

Although I kept busy, I did have a relaxing prenatal massage this weekend--my third in the second trimester. It was so relaxing and great for the leg cramps!


  1. I don't know...I still think it looks more like a bump...the cutest bump ever!! Very impressed you'll be putting on a swimsuit this year...I've decided it would be better for all concerned if I stayed out of one until next year! ;)Loving the blog!!

  2. I guess it's not poking out as much as I feel like it is.I just can't get over the fact that sometimes my belly rests on my thighs! Ah!