Monday, May 11

Another Weekend Away...

Since November, Charm City Daddy has been great about planning little weekend getaways each month while we still have the freedom and flexibility to travel--without checking any bags.

The latest trip was to Martha's Vineyard this past weekend. It was lovely.

The trip began with a quick flight to Boston and from there to get to the island we hopped on a teeny tiny, 6-seat, Cessna plane that FREAKED me out. All I could think about was JFK Jr's accident.

Even the sight of the plane creeps me out all over again. You feel every bump and sway from the wind AND on top of that you see the pilot in action hitting tons of dials and buttons. I'm proud I fought through and made the trip to and fro. I couldn't utter a word the entire flight and kept thinking 'stay calm for the baby.' But I'm sure she realized mommy was freaking out.
Once I saw the place, CCD rented for the weekend those 30 minutes of terror in the air were worth it.

and the back of the main house...

the view from the back deck to our private pond the property...

the walkout from the Master Suite overlooking Flat Bottom Pond...

the kitchen...adorable.

There are many more pictures as the property had a guest house, activity barn, writer's studio and so much more. We lucked out on the weather and had a relaxing time--and even entertained friends that came up to visit one day.
Oh, and we ate at this place called Slice of Life in Oak Bluff and everything was sooooo good. I highly recommend it. They had a number of healthy options which CCD enjoyed but I was craving pizza!

It was definitely a slower pace in MV, particularly because we beat the usual Memorial Day rush to the island, but I appreciated that...and the small business owners appreciated us.

I can definitely see us traveling back to the Vineyard by plane and FERRY next time with kids in tow in the future.

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