Thursday, May 21

Nosebleeds, Leg Cramps, and Sob Fests

My pregnancy hormones and symptoms are really starting to surface lately.

...Like crying during simple television viewing, particularly American Idol. What is that all about? When 2nd-runner up Danny Gokey was voted off last week and started singing "You are So Beautiful" I went into full fledge histerics yelling at the TV, "Oh no, he's singing to his deceased wife--waaaaahhhh---waaaahhh." I mean I went from zero to ten in less than 3 seconds. It was so sudden and irrational that Charm City Daddy looked at me (completely puzzled and speechless) and had to ask if I was being serious. Surprisingly, I was being serious--but then it got funny--which is how I picked up how silly I was really being. Mid-Gokey performance the DVR recording abruptly stopped, and I just did one of those hiccup stops with my eyes wide-open like a deer in headlights, and that was it. Scene.

And yes, I cried at the AI finale last night too. But not at the obvious time when Chris Allen started singing his song, at the last 4 seconds of the telecast when his wife made it to his arms to give him a hug. Same pattern ensued---wailing, tears--and CUT off in a matter of 8-10 seconds.

The other thing I am seeing with more frequency are nosebleeds. They really have a tendency to sneak up on me too because I've had nasal congestion off and on the entire pregnancy. So at times when I think I just have a runny nose--it's random nosebleeds. Wierd. My OB offered to refer to me a nose specialist to zap the blood vessel if it continues to bother me, but I'm not likely to do all of that. I need to keep some "harmless pity symptoms" to show CCD this pregnancy thing ain't easy.

Leg cramps are the last and final nagging thing that I really could live without. Even as I type this post my left calf still isn't fully relaxed from the cramp I woke up with this morning. I stay off my back, eat bananas and kiwi, drink more water, even had massage therapists take extra time on my legs, and nothing has really worked. It is a terrible way to wake up, and poor CCD has grown accustomed to hearing my cries and immediately sitting up mid-slumber just to go to work massaging my knotty calves. Aww he's so sweet.

Okay...we're off to Jamaica for a quick 4-days! I'll have pics and a post when I return!

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