Thursday, May 14

Nursery Update #2

I haven't mentioned the nursery in a while because I haven't done anything to it in a while.

However, in anticipation of many visitors coming through the house for the shower next month-I have a deadline to make!

I did order the luca glider and custom roman shades, because I expected them to take some time to arrive. But that's about all I've done. I've got all the art I plan to use, just can't really put it up until I got some more furniture (dressers, changing area) to go by.

Charm City Daddy did put the crib together last month with some help from 4 of his 5 visiting little cousins...

They started the project at 9 p.m. just after bath time and waaay past bedtime. It was pretty funny to watch CCD try to give them all instructions, keep them focused, and remain patient.

Nearly two eventful hours later, they were finished. It only took a "cha-cha slide" dance break, a few fights over putting together parts of the crib and profuse sweating from CCD--but it happened!

More nursery progress pics to come...after a trip to IKEA (maybe this weekend?)

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