Tuesday, May 5

Disposable or Cloth Diapers?

Can somebody help me, please?

In my frenzy to quickly register for the baby shower which has been moved up to June 13th (because of bachelor parties, weddings, travel, and life) I am having a hard time making what should be fairly simply decisions.

Just when I thought I had a good handle on what we need, I get to the "potty" category of the registry and lose it.

I like the cost-effectiveness and earth-friendliness of cloth diapers, but also like the convenience of disposable diapers--particularly when traveling. I suppose I could use them both, but if I were to choose cloth diapers--which brand is the best?

I like this hybrid starter set from Bambino Mio, but I haven't heard much about it, and I'm not sure who has considering it's "new."

And then you have these gDiapers, which are all cloth, require covers.
Then you have Bumkins Bamboo diapers, cloth require covers. Then you have all-in-one diapers like these and it goes on and on and on.
What in the world am I supposed to pick?! No wonder pregnant moms have emotional breakdowns in the middle of stores. Geez.
I'm taking advice or just your vote if you've got no experience. What should I pick?


  1. Wal-Street Journal ran an article about cloth diapers earlier in the year that I saved... the top ranked diaper as the Econappi by Swaddlebees (www.swaddlebees.com). Apparently it's a one-size diaper, was snug, easy to use, had goood wicking qualities, and caused little or no leakage. They also tried bumGenius, which I've heard alot about, but said that it took a long time to dry after washing and a couple of testers noted there was leakage at the leg. I'd try fuzzi bunz or the swaddlebees, and would go with the all-in-ones. You can ad in Chinese Pre-Folds for extra absorbency overnight, and most cloth diaper-ers would say that some type of toilet sprayer is a must. I am trying to convince Frank to use cloth, but he's fighting me! I think I'll win in the end. They're cuter, more economical in the long run ($2,000 per child for diapers, WHAT?!) and better for the environment- and the baby's bum. Apparently babies who use cloth diapers can feel when they are wet, and toilet train by 18 months on average as a result. Plus, the chance of harsh chemicals irritating baby's skin and diaper rash go WAY down with cloth diaper use. There are a few websites that explain/ review the cloth diapering process, I can send those to you over e-mail too! GL!

  2. Umm...where are the comments from the mom's with kids? I only have one and I'm not sure if it makes me a bad person or not but cloth diapers were NEVER A CONSIDERATION. I'm already doing laundry every day, why add to it? Between the daily "costume changes" (for girl babies) and spit up cloths, towels, sheets, etc. I didn't want to add to anymore laundry. I apologize if I lack romanticism but the first cotton that touched my little girls backside were her training pants...formally entitled "big girl underwear" so she knows the difference and gives the latter the respect it deserves.

  3. Good Lord Catherine. I guess somebody's been doing their mommmy homework! Geez you make me feel bad, but not bad enough to not look forward to getting those links!

    And "Windy City Mama" I hear you and I'm with you on the convenience factor of disposables. But you know me (yes you do)--I'm willing to give anything a shot! If I fail, at least I tried.