Monday, May 11

Ready-Made Shower Packages?

As my team rigorously plans my baby shower-- I can't help feeling guilty and want to help them in some way. Sorry, it's the busy-body in me (side note: You know its bad when your husband says the sound of drill reminds him of me-hehe).

I ran across the Social Couture website today--and what a great idea and lovely timesaver for folks throwing intimate baby showers! Basically the company packages your entertaining, party, decor needs all in one place and places them in little convenient party packages.

Our shower will be less of an intimate, frou-frou sit down and more of an informal collection of friends, but there are some good ideas here.

So if you have generously offered your time party planning for others (or know someone that has) you can also partake in this resource and look like a the fabulous, put-together planning champ that you are!

I know I am getting ideas for Charm City Baby's first birthday party already! Just have to figure out who would actually come to a one-year old's birthday party other than her parents. ha!

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