Friday, May 29

"The Baby Wants..."

One of the perks of being pregnant is (don't judge me for saying this but) "blaming the baby."
You don't blame the baby in a bad way--just use the baby as an excuse to get what you want!

Allow me to demonstrate...

Charm City Daddy: What do you want for lunch today babe?
Charm City Mama: Baby wants a cheeseburger with pickles and mustard!
Charm City Daddy (doesn't eat redmeat or pork): You redmeat eatin' fool! You can't be feeding my baby that when she's born.
Charm City Mama: I know, I know, but the baby wants it!
Charm City Daddy: Okay, you're lucky you're pregnant.
Charm City Mama smiles big like a kid.

So, Charm City Baby and I were perusing our blogs this morning and guess what "baby wants?" This adorable, washable Owlie Pillow from Jaya Loves Takeko!

It would be perfect for her room. And every Olivia should have an Owl--it just goes hand in hand in my mind. Owl-livia.

So now the nursery has turtles, butterflies, sheepskin, zebra stripes, and possibly OWLS! I love it and I think she'll love it too.

Oh, and check back soon--An Appointment Update is coming...I've got new ultrasound pics of CCB!

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