Monday, May 4

Cocktails and Mocktails...

I really don't miss drinking...until I'm around drinks. :)

Charm City Daddy has been great and gave up drinking along with me which has helped a lot. We don't keep much in the house--just wine/beer for guest in the basement. Btw the savings has been incredible on our restaurant bills.
I ran across this article today and it got me thinking that I could share my post on my favorite "mocktails" of choice since getting knocked up.

My favorite drinks come in the form of spritzers like:

-cranberry and club soda w/ lime

-pineapple juice, lemonade, club soda w/ lemon

-pineapple juice, orange juice, spash of soda w/lemon

There are a million possibilities. It's silly but I find the addition of the lime on the glass ( a fancy glass) really makes me feel included when others are drinking.

Hopefully I don't sound like a alcoholic saying this but I really miss having a beer along with my crabs or steamed shrimp. Something about the salty/spicy splendor of the Old Bay mixing with the beer is indescribably Maryland and delicious. It is going to be a looong summer without the beer/crab combo, but I'll just have to add it to the growing list of things I will binge on when baby is out!

While we're on the topic, another favorite summer time fav cocktail of mine is Corona-Lime Juice Punch. Just take a six pack of ice cold Corona's and dump it into a pitcher. Then add a single can of frozen concentrate lime juice. Stir and serve immediately. Delicious!

Okay..I'm working myself up. I need to stop talking about the alcohol. Back to my ginger ale.


  1. My fellow pregnant ladies swear by Sharp's beer while they are pregnant! I bet you woulnd't be able to tell much of a difference while eating crabs/ steamed shrimp... mmm, that sounds good!

  2. Hey Thanks! I may have to breakdown and try a near-beer before the summer is out. I'll look out for Sharp's.