Wednesday, November 4


Last week I planned to post about how Olivia is no longer interested in breastfeeding. My little whiz kid figured out pretty quickly that she can get more milk at once with less effort (and in less time) with a bottle.

Rather than fight it and persist, since we'd had some latch confusion issues since I'd been using a nipple shield, I decided to let breastfeeding go. Hey, one less bag to carry to the office and one less thing to do in the middle of my workday. Fine by me. (note: It's amazing how quickly your breast begin to change and readjust when milk production goes down).

Then when I got the H1N1 shot on Monday I felt guilty. If I were still breastfeeding, Olivia could still benefit from the immunization. So I decided to try to latch her on one more time at a time when she had already eaten a half hour before, so she wouldn't get frustrated. My little girl latched right onto me without the shield and in the proper way like we never had any problems in past and sucked away. I have never been more excited!

So here I sit with pump attached to me (and typing thanks to my hands-free bra) once again pumping on my lunch break. This time it's a welcome nuisance--and I have to build my supply back up (sigh).

I will happily continue breastfeeding until we get through the cold-weather season. The goal is to make sure she is as healthy as possible and that we wean well before Olivia is old enough to embarass me by naming my "tas-tas" some baby word and grabbing at my chest or something in public.

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