Tuesday, November 3

Warmies are WHACK!

Dear Prince Lionheart:

Your uber chic, eco-friendly, natural, and soft bamboo "reusable" cloth wipes aka "warmies" SUCK! I have 30 of them and a 1/3 of them unraveled to shreds on their first (isolated, delicate) wash.

I find it ironic that those of us who were stupid enough and made the investment in these wipes thinking that we were getting the best for our little ones, ended up wiping our babies bums with tattered rags. Not cool.We would have been better off just buying regular old, cheapo baby washcloths which would be a much better value, much more resilient, and (get this) more REUSABLE than your poor excuses for cloth wipes.

I know I am not the first mom to complain, and I won't be the last. Get your act together Prince Lionheart. Line the perimenter of the cloth wipes in a sturdier fabric or something. Use some 21st century technology to fortify the fibers. Your website flippantly suggests "replacing the wipes as needed." Oh you bet I will replace them, but not with more WHACK-ASS warmies.


Charm City Mama

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