Sunday, November 15

CCM's Holiday Gift Pick #2

Male or Female, skin care can be so tricky. What works at one point in your life may be totally useless later as your body and hormones change. I definitely experienced this during my pregnancy. I had a to work hard to control breakouts on my face since I didn't have the luxury of using prescription skin care products.

My holiday gift pick#2 is something everyone in your family will appreciate--smooth, healthy skin. This weekend during a facial the aesthetician suggested the Clarisonic.

To put it simply the Clarisonic is a gentle deep cleansing/exfoliating brush for your face. In just a 60-second use it is 6 times more effective than your normal beauty cleansing routine.

And why should your man buy this little miracle machine? It also helps with keeping his skin clear too--particularly those pesky and persistent in-grown hairs! To that, Charm City Daddy says "SOLD!"

Oh and if you have a teenager in the house, I'm sure they'd get some use out of it too--in fact you may have to hide it from them and remind them it's mama's!

The Clarisonic is available at Sephora, Nordstrom, and other fine beauty stores.

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