Friday, November 20

Charm City Mama's Holiday Gift Pick #3

When I said I would pick some holiday gift ideas for the mamas and papas out there, I forgot one little thing. I really don't shop too frequently--or at all. And if I buy anything, it's mostly online. I thumb through my favorite mail-order catalogs when I get home and that's enough of a fix for me. If I see something I love and am compelled enough, I'll order it online or (this is even more rare with the baby) pay it a visit in the store.
This lack of shopping makes it quite a task to think of holiday gifts and shopping. Whoops. Needless to say these Holiday gifts are rapidly approaching their culmination at  number five.

But hey, here's one that I can personally vouch for and love. The Pandora charm bracelet. My colleagues gifted me one with a few baby-related charms just before Olivia arrived and I love it.

It's a different take on charm bracelets and worry-free, I might add. Once this thing is clamped on it's going nowhere and neither are the charms. It's a gift that keeps on giving too---kids and hubby and family can help you build up the charms and you can change them around (add or take them away) at any time. I personally like it's weight and how the variations and combinations are endless.

Two more picks to go! Next up...a gift for the papas.

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