Tuesday, November 17

Three Months Old

I can't believe it.

In just three months time, so much has happened.

Although Olivia found her voice and started baby talking with call and response at 5 weeks, now she has full out conversations with herself (and us) particularly when she is gazing into the mirror in her swing. Her conversations get dramatic too. Sometimes I think she is cussing out the little lambs on her mobile. They really piss her off. I have to tell her to watch her little mouth.

"really mom? another picture?"

Speaking of attitude... Olivia is so positive and happy! I love her laugh. She greets everyone with the biggest smile which I haven't been able to capture yet with my big, intrusive mamarazzi flash camera. She doesn't like my camera too much, but she's gotten used to it.

 "The godmama"

She STILL loves the TV and it remains the best babysitter if you need to take a quick shower or get dressed.

She's a great sleeper! Last night she went down all by herself at 7:30 p.m. and we didn't hear a peep until 6:30 a.m. CRRAAAZY! I had to go in and check on her (one of those 'is she alive checks?') and change her diaper at 2 a.m.

Her focus is amazing. I can read through an entire book and keep her attention the whole time, and she looks at the pictures and pages like she understands. Sometimes I just keep reading the books over and over until she squirms out of interest.

Her neck control and grown into being able to get up on her elbows! yay! And boy is she a kicker. She can squirm with the best of them. She's also understanding how to use her hands to grab stuff. She tries to grab her own bottle--but those little hands are still too little.

I'm finally convinced that she knows who I am. For a while there I thought she would think my name is "Do you know who I am?" She definitely knows daddy and his voice too. If I put Charm City Daddy on speakerphone, she immediately perks up, startes at his picture on the screen, and smiles.

And boy are they two peas in a pod. It's scary.

Basically, three months in I could not be happier with motherhood and this beautiful, blessed baby. She has really been a great baby...and dare I say an "easy baby" but I'm sure most mamas say that about their offspring.

It ALL didn't turn out the way I planned it in my head, but that's okay. We had diaper rash for a week when I returned to work. We fired the au pair. We only made it 11 weeks with the breastfeeding (although I still have some left in the freezer).  And we will restart cloth diapers (gulp) this weekend as the disposables disappear. Not all perfect, but we're all perfectly happy.

Another milestone is coming that could make our/her whole world come crumbling down (drum roll)...I want to take the pacifier away for GOOD! We only use it so she can soothe herself to sleep but...pray for us.

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  1. She is so adorable!! And I am LMAO at the whole "cussing out" the lambs on her swing thing - too cute!! I hope we get to introduce our little ones soon :-) xoxo