Tuesday, November 24

Poor Lucy

Lucy the cat was euthanized on Sunday. Poor Lucy. 

She lived an eventful 15 years as my sister's companion from college to the birth of her now 3 year old. My sister once told me she named her Lucy partly so she could come home from class and say "Lucy, I'm hoooome" in Ricki Ricardo fashion. 

She was a really sweet kitty, and I'm not even a cat person. In fact, I'm allergic. But Lucy just made you laugh. I wish I had an electronic picture to share, but I don't.

She tried to reach out shake your hand with her paw when you arrived.  And she would meow continuously. She used to sit up on her butt with her shoulders against the wall like a human being. And in her later years, I think she had arthritis in her paws because she would "tip toe" lightly carefully placing each paw down on the floor. It was cute.

Anyway, it was her time. She was loved dearly by all.  We'll miss you Lucy.

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