Tuesday, December 8

Another Nanny Creation

I came home today and couldn't stop laughing.

1. Rockawear Onesie +
1. Old Navy Heart Tights (worn on top of onesie)
= Happy, but Fashion-Confused Baby.

If Olivia were on the the red carpet, I'd ask her "Where are you going?"
She might reply, "To a Jay-Z concert as an 80's dancer, on Valentine's Day."


  1. I could not stop laughing at this! Hysterical! Since I frequent your blog often, I wanted to show you a blog I came across and immediately added to my blog list! Thought you might like it!

    I've also finally got my son Rowan's fixed to my liking!

  2. Oh my that is a lovely blog for party ideas! Thanks Brianne. I'll be sure to add yours to my blog roll too!