Tuesday, December 22

My Bags Are In...

and I love them. Merry Christmas to me.

This pic doesn't do the fabrics and their varied colors and textures justice. Pictured (from left to right) are the LILL Studio "Ericka" (for my laptop),  the "Paula" (a travel bag), and the "Hadley" (a big phoofy purse that I have already filled to the brim)--all custom fabric selections by moi.  Go get one (or three) while the sale is still on.

UPDATE: Charm City Daddy said my brown giraffe purse (far right) looks "militant" and "afrocentric." HAHA! That wasn't on my mind when I was designing it. I thought I was being chic in my color choices. Now that I look at it--he's right. It looks slightly Jamaican and like something I picked up from the hustle man at  my black beauty salon. Oh well, I'm STILL rocking it. (*with fist in air*) Fight the Power!

1 comment:

  1. CCD doesn't know what he's talking about...I think the giraffe bag is chic in an artsy way and LOVE the cherry "blossomesque" bag (far left). Congrats on your beautiful new addition!