Thursday, December 10

How Motherhood Changes You...

On Saturday, while I was reading Charm City Baby her bedtime story Charm City Daddy popped into the nursery with a little wrapped gift and surprised me with this beauty...

He said it was my pre-Christmas gift b/c I "needed a little pink" referring to the center pink diamond.

Well, I LOOOOOOOVED it. Yes, I just used past tense. I wore the ring all day Sunday, but all I could think about as I stared at it (over and over again) was this...

The front load washer/dryer set I've been wanting for a while.

So, guess what I did? I took the ring back. Yes, I did! Since he's a regular there, Charm City Daddy had it on consignment from the jewelry store in case I wanted the yellow one instead. Wasn't that sweeeeeeet?!

When I returned to the jewelry store on Sunday after church you should have seen the confused faces of the 2 women that helped me. They were like, "What?  He gave it to you? You want to give it back? And you don't want to pick out something else?"

Now, of course CCD told me I could I have both the washer/ dryer and the ring, but that didn't seem like the most practical and prudent thing for new parents to do.

Ahh how motherhood changes our priorities. But hey those cloth diapers are gonna love the new washer / dryer--which arrives next week.

UPDATE: I ended up canceling this washer/dryer order after I realized I had ordered an electric dryer and I needed a gas one. Then I dropped the ball on reordering. Then I convinced myself that I should really wait until the present washer/dryer combo actually DIES, before investing into something shiny and new, and RED. Talk about the ULTIMATE in prudent parenting AND mom guilt.

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