Monday, December 14

July in Christmas?

IMG_2082, originally uploaded by Charm City Mama.
I had a late meeting at work tonight and arrived home to see this cute little fat snoring baby in my bed (Daddy was hanging out with her too).

That's right. It's another nanny creation.

Folks, you are looking at a colorful sundress (minus diaper cover hence the cloth diaper peeking through) complimented by trumpette socks.

Yes, it was 40 degrees today and my baby was wearing a sundress that is way too big by the way.

Nonetheless I'm beginning to understand Julia's approach. She changes Olivia 2 to 3 times a day in any number of outfits just so the baby gets a chance to wear the cloths. Its not about whether it fits or if the outfit is in season. Apparently it is also not about matching either. It is about getting through the clothes. I get that. And boy is it funny to watch. It makes me look forward to coming home.

Side Note: Do you see that pregnancy pillow she's snuggled up in? I bet you're wondering why that THING is still hanging around. Ah yes. That is a whole different post. Coming soon....

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