Wednesday, December 2

Charm City Mama's Holiday Gift Pick #5 (For the Papa's)

Are your dudes hard to shop for? Mine is. So much so, when I see something he may like, I write it down in the memo pad section of my Blackberry. So, basically I'm going to run down that list right now...

Here are a few things, I think he (and almost any guy) would appreciate this holiday season:

Charm City Daddy is a preppy New England boy at heart. He loves his Vineyard Vines.
He would LOVE these pants...

In case you can't see, those are little Santa whales...

His outbursts during Patriots games are so dispruptive and startling to the baby, I had to send him away this week to watch Monday Night Football somewhere else. He would love this VV tie.

Is there a man on this planet (with HBO) that doesn't have an obsession with Entourage?
Buys the first six seasons in a boxed set.

We've been talking about getting one of these for a long time.

Finally, I think all daddy's should have a camcorder or some sort. We have this one. And it does the job.

But we will need something a little more substantial for those extended cinematic moments that should be captured like gift opening on Christmas Day or maybe Olivia's little dance recitals.
Something like this would be nice...

And of course when all else fails Charm City Daddy has also always appreciated cufflinks, metal collar stays, new gym socks, or something from Brookstone. Typical dude.

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