Friday, December 18

Let It Snow!

My favorite Baltimore weathergirl  is calling for a foot of snow (maybe more) between tonight and Sunday morning--with the heaviest downpour tomorrow!

There goes my plans to take Olivia to see Santa on Saturday at the mall--and anything else I wanted to accomplish this weekend. It's a good thing I'm primarily an online shopper (year-round for that matter).

When it snows in Maryland (even a dusting) everything comes to a screeching halt. It's pathetic. Drivers strike stupid, schools and government shut down, and grocery stores become madhouses.We live in the city, and I don't expect a plow to come down our street until Monday--if we're lucky. 

I'll enjoy having an uneventful weekend cozied up with my bebe. I kinda wish I had purchased this Smores kit from Cosi when I first saw it months ago. It would have been the perfect compliment to homemade hot chocolate this weekend. 

Charm City Daddy gets stir-crazy after sitting at home just a few hours, so this weekend should be interesting!

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