Thursday, December 10

Cloth Diaper Update

Since I mentioned cloth diapers in the last post about the washer/dryer, its probably a good time for a cloth diaper update.

Report: It's going well! And get this nearly 2 months in... ZERO leaks. ZERO diaper rashes.

We're completely off disposables (unless we're visiting grandma) and using cloth wipes as well.

I am still using disposable wipes in addition to the cloth wipes b/c let's face it the poo gets messy and I want to make sure she's clean!

 Charm City Baby (Week 9) modeling her bumGenius in pink!

I primarily use the bumGenius 2.0's, and when we leave the house (shop, restaurant, church) I put her in G diaper hybrids as they take up less room in the diaper bag and I don't have to carry around stinky soiled diapers. I also use these super wonderful pre-folds and Bummis Super Whisper covers and guess what I really like them too.

We're doing laundry every other day and that seems to be working fine too. Sometimes we wash major explosions right away, if it makes sense. At first I was pre-rinsing the poo diapers, but now I'm just throwing the whole mess in the washing machine and they are coming out beautifully fresh and clean.

I'm glad we're being eco-friendly but mostly I feel good about the money we're saving, particularly since we're all the way into using formula and I find myself stockpiling coupons for my bimonthly Babies R Us visits.

At first, Julia, the nanny wasn't too keen on using them. She kept telling me about Costco specials on bulk disposables, but I think I've converted her as well.

So! We forge ahead and we'll keep you posted!

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