Tuesday, December 22

Pillow Talk

Hey, remember how I mentioned this pregnancy pillow of mine that is still lingering around? No, I am not pregnant as someone has already asked me.

Actually I am SICK of that pillow. I was ready to toss the pillow the second I was in labor and made our bed one last time before heading to the hospital. There is no way to make the bed look good with that pillow in the mix. I have added extras to cover it up, but it is just awkward.

Charm City Daddy, on the other hand, has slowly developed a relationship with the pillow.  During my pregnancy, I would often find him curled up with it after I left the bed. If he got to bed first, I could forget about sleeping with it.

At first he was embarrassed and after some time, he threw all caution to the wind and now it is no longer my pillow. It is his pillow. It remains on his side of the bed. He uses it to prop up his bad knee when he sleeps. He jokingly whispers to it telling it he'll "never let it go." He has all but named it. 

And you better believe he will DENY every part of this post if every confronted with this information (as he doesn't follow this blog).

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